Day 2: Honesty is key!


Update for the morning of the 21st, weighed in, 12 stone 7 again, Waist 33, underbust 33, bust 39, hips 38.5.

So, this day was not what I would usually call a success! Woke up at 11am! Am thinking my 5am start plan was beyond the point of optimism and far out into the land of delusional. I missed my morning class, but luckily for me (not for him) when I emailed him to apologise he said class was cancelled. So I didn’t miss anything.

I had a banana, a third of a pot of greek yoghurt and a coffee with one spoon of sweetener and soya milk for breakfast. I found it quite filling so I left it at that.

Big mistake, I definitely should have included some protein. By 3pm my blood sugar was headed for a serious crash. I figured the fat and protein in the yoghurt would have seen me through, but obviously not. This set me off balance for the rest of the day then. If my blood sugar crashes at any point during my day, I find myself hungrier and craving more than normal for the rest of the day.

I didn’t have time to make my sandwich to take to work so I bought a turkey pasta pot and a tuna and cucumber sandwich on wholemeal bread to see me through work. I don’t usually eat pasta, but I need to give myself some fast carbs and since I needed a full meal anyway, it was preferable to eating a chocolate bar.

So I ate the pasta pot at 3.30 and the sandwich around 7pm. Went to a friend’s place straight from work, and had two slices of wholemeal toast. Then got slightly under the influence and ended up eating chicken strips and chips on the way home.

So all in all, not great!

But that’s the whole point of this diary, finding reasons for the slip ups and holding myself accountable. I’m going to try my best to include protein at breakfast from now on, I’ll just have to make sure I have something at hand as I’m usually short of time in the morning.

Though it’s the next day as I write this, I’ve just had my banana and yoghurt and I’m trying to eat some chicken slices and I’m so damned full that it’s really difficult! I eat small portions anyway when I’m not under the influence and I find it especially difficult to eat in the morning.

I weighed myself again this morning, and the scales showed 12 stone 8. I’m not going to panic and assume it was my little chicken binge, a pound weight gain in a day is only ever going to be water weight. The salt in my food yesterday plus being due on my period explains that. I’m going to try and get in a good few pints of water today and hopefully flush that salt out.

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